A cartoonist tries to sell his gags to The New Yorker. It doesn’t go well. BONUS: Submit to our first ever caption contest.


Once again The New Yorker rejected one of my cartoons.


The New Yorker rejects my gag yet again. What am I doing wrong?


I noticed a lot of New Yorker cartoons have an ink wash, so I added one thinking this would get me in the magazine. No such luck.


Really thought I cracked the New Yorker equation with this one. The people at the magazine said “please stop sending these.” So we’ll see…


Some Cartoonists spend their entire lives trying to sell a gag to The New Yorker. I refuse to be one of them!


“Celebrated New Yorker cartoonist” will be on my gravestone whether my gag gets into the magazine or not ‘cuz I already bought it.


Another batch of rejection letters from The New Yorker came in the mail today. There was a big stamp on the envelope that read “Return To Sender”


The rejection letter for this New Yorker gag just said, “how did you get my home address?” How about a little feedback at least?


Throw back: I’ve been submitting gags to The New Yorker since the 90’s. Here’s just one example of some of the stuff they passed up on back then. Their loss, I guess.


My latest gag that I submitted for The New Yorker. It did not go over well. Sometimes I think that the magazine doesn’t know what a good gag is anymore…


I’ve noticed a lot of gags that make it in The New Yorker are desert island gags. So I made one and I really think I nailed it. They did not agree. I hate them…


I think it was The New Yorker gag artist Peter Arno who said “write what you know” – so I wrote a gag about this chord [sic] in my apartment. And they STILL didn’t publish it!!!! What more do they want!?


One of my best friends in the whole world suggested I try making a gag about sandwiches for The New Yorker. “They LOVE sandwiches” is what he said. No they don’t… I think my friend was messing with me.


After I got the rejection letter from The New Yorker for this gag, I took a long walk. I saw a dead bird on the path. I knew life had passed me by…


From the New Yorker rejection letter: ” …I do not get this one even a little bit.”


You, the reader, submit a caption, and we, the editors, select our favorite. Submissions must be received by 11:59pm (EDT) on Friday, July 21st. We will announce the winner online and in the Junction e-newsletter by Friday, July 28th. Send your caption submission to The winner will receive the chance to see their name rendered in a sleek contemporary typeface, in bold and ALL CAPS, followed by no fewer than three (3) exclamation points!!!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, LORA ANNE GERARD!!! Lora submitted the winning caption: “This is not nearly as fun as I thought it would be.”

“This is not nearly as fun as I thought it would be.”

About the Artist: Luke Howard has yet to become the celebrated New Yorker cartoonist he knows he deserves to be. Enjoy more of his surprisingly under-appreciated work on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and The World Wide Web.





Editor’s Note: This is satire. Though, Esquire, if you want to headhunt some more cartoon talent away from The New Yorker, Luke may be available.

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  1. I am glad Luke is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. One of the greatest gag cartoonists of our time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. I knew that I was good at this. It just took the recognition of all my fans to give me the confidence I need to keep going after my dreams! One day I will run the New Yorker.


      1. I ran in the New Yorker in 2014. It was my first marathon!


        1. Leave the jokes to the professional comedy writers like me. I may not be published in the New Yorker yet, but we both can see my humor is at that level.


  2. These comics would put NYT on the map! No wonder they went out of business last year.


    1. I wish I could have saved them


  3. No wonder the New Yorker just replaced their cartoon editor!


    1. I’m beginning to wonder if his poor choices, passing on talent as strong as mine, is the reason he’s no longer there.


  4. Why haven’t more people commented on this article about me. I know that my work is really good, but it would help if people were willing to come on here and say nice things to me. Even really talented artists need encouragement.


    1. Your smile is beautiful today.


  5. I just wanted to come on here and say some nice things to Luke!


    1. Thanks for your support, Sarah. Do you work at The New Yorker? I wish you did. If you did, you could help get me in the magazine. Would you consider getting a job at The New Yorker and then buy some of my gags?


      1. Well, I live in Ireland, but I have been looking for a change, hhhhmmmmm. God dammit, I’ll do it for you, stranger!


  6. Just keep trying, my man. I am sure that the 3333rd try will be the charm.


  7. Luke deserves all the nice things because he has no friends and farts a lot!


    1. Thanks Laura for your support of both my art and my irritable bowel syndrome.


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