Junction Magazine creates, collects, and curates stories — of all forms — that represent, inspire, and amuse our community. Through storytelling, we strive for a more connected and collaborative Upper Valley. Junction fuels your curiosity and reflects the wonderful wildness of this place we all call home.
Scott Achs works in Information Technology at Dartmouth College. He is a freelance editorial photographer whose work has appeared in several publications in the New Hampshire and Vermont area as well as Relix magazine. He currently resides in Woodstock, VT.
Gene Cassidy works at the White River Junction Co-op. He was the News Editor of The MetroWest Daily News (Framingham, Mass.), a correspondent at The Boston Globe West and a city editor at The Boston Herald. He lives in White River Junction. 
Colleen Goodhue is a videomaker and writer living in West Lebanon, NH. She loves archives, long layovers, and all kinds of friendly competition.  She performs with Valley Improv, the Upper Valley’s best and only improv troupe. 
Taylor K. Long is a writer, editor, and photographer based in Windsor, VT. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Press, New York Magazine, Bright Wall/Dark Room and more.
Isaac Lorton is thrilled to be writing, editing, and photographing in the Twin State region. Simply, Isaac is happy to be here in this place at this moment with this group of people. 
Molly Papows is an art historian based in Lebanon, NH. She’s interested in the many ways an artist can tell a story. When she’s not nerding out over paintings at work, she’s most likely driving to the coast, a live show, or a state park with too many books stuffed into her bag.
James Napoli always lived in towns with great alt-weeklies — those free, progressive round-ups of quirky news, live events, and colorful characters. When he moved to a tiny village in Eastern Vermont, he discovered that the region needed an alternative media hub to showcase the best local arts, culture, food, and farms. So, in June 2016, he founded Junction Magazine. Over the course of the next two years, he conducted scores of interviews, edited hundreds of photos, posted thousands of events and job listings, produced more than a dozen live performances across VT and NH, and built a large following for Junction's social media and email newsletters. All of this was done on a completely not-for-profit, DIY, ad-free basis, with a volunteer staff of one. Now a digital producer at Minnesota Public Radio, James is thrilled to pass the baton on to new leadership at Junction.
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