By Isaac Lorton
On Saturday the “Worst Bartender in America” (according to a plaque hanging above the bar) celebrated his 35th year at the Filling Station. The Filling Station, formerly known as Del Roma and then THE Del Roma, has gone through many changes over the years, but the one consistent presence is the man behind the bar, Bobby. 
Bobby received the plaque a few years back after roasting a group of regulars -- who come to the bar as much for the banter as for the beer -- so badly that another regular, Coach, told Bobby he was the worst bartender in America. Sure enough, the people who were being eviscerated by the quick quipper went out and had the plaque made for Bobby. He now hangs it proudly and references it frequently. People love him for it. Coach calls him a “legend” and Jen, the owner of the Filling Station, who has been working with Bobby for 25 years now, says despite the plaque on the wall, “He is the best bartender you know.”  
After finally convincing the humble hometown hero, the “King of the Insult,” the “Should-Be-a-Stand-Up Comedian,” the “Surly Bartender with a Heart of Gold” to do a short interview, he had some wise words for all of us.
“I don’t like people.” (It’s his favorite line). 
“If there wasn’t alcohol here, no one would visit me just because.”
“Don’t drink.”
“People came through the door, they know their way out.”
“You learn more listening than from talking. More people should do that.” 
Listen more, talk less, learn lots. Live like Bobby, the “Worst (Best) Bartender in America”
Isaac Lorton is thrilled to be writing, editing, and photographing in the Twin State region. Simply, Isaac is happy to be here in this place at this moment with this group of people.
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